Well the top I mentioned in my previous entry is still not complete. Actually it's even less complete than it was in the previous entry. The top was supposed to be a princess seamed, empire waist tunic. I decided it would be a good idea to have the sleeves, the outer portion of the princess seam and the waist 'block' be all black, then have the inner portions of the tunic a print that is predominantly light in color with splashes of black.

It looked great in my head! I finished it all except for hemming everything. That was a pretty unattractive top I made! It's one of those 'I don't know how to dress, but frighteningly; I do know how to sew' moments. So the tunic is slowly having major surgery and will eventually be all black. Which is a good idea for me since my only other black, casual top has gotten too large on me.

Over the weekend Joann's was having a sale on denim; 50% off! Yep, I jumped on it, bought 2.5 yards, came home, washed it, dried it and made a skirt like the black, back pleat one in my previous post. I'll have to take pictures of it soon and post it.

I'm itching to cut into some floral knit fabric I purchased a while back. I think I've decided to make it into a sun dress - yes it's one of those that looks great in my head. Hopefully it won't become some defunct shirt instead of the cute sundress I envision.

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